RUFUS FRAME EDITOR 2.0® is INTERTITULA's real flagship: a new dedicated subtitling software with outstanding features.

Here are some of its main functions:

◊ Editing

> Subtitle creation and modification
> Synchronisation
> Time code creation and modification
> Formatting
> Text codification
> Special character adaptation for various different alphabets
> Fonts, colours and size

◊ Exporting subtitles

> exporting in various formats, from the most common (SRT,TXT, DOC, RTF) to those in use within the profession (FEP, STL, EBU,PAC)

◊ Electronic subtitling (for International film festivals)

> real time subtitle projection (automatic/manual)

◊ Merging subtitles with video

> the creation of video files in diverse formats with merged/superimposed subtitles

◊ DVD/Blu-ray reauthoring

> the creation of VOB files with new navigable subtitle streams 
> the creation of VOB files with merged on-screen video subtitles
> mastering
> writing of video files onto CD, DVD and Blu-ray