INTERTITULA is by definition a subtitling agency. We are specialised in producing so-called “pre-recorded subtitles”, both intralinguistic (in the same language as the film) or interlinguistic (translated into another language).

But what are they, exactly?

They are subtitles which are produced during post-production (translation, adaptation, synchronisation etc.), before the audiovisual material is screened or broadcast:

› short films, feature films, documentaries, cartoons, TV series
› Films on DVD or Blu-ray, with one or more subtitle tracks
› films screened during festivals
› teletext for television companies
› TV ads
› promotional videos for companies
› web videos (on information portals or video sharing sites such as Youtube)
› Videos for smart phones/ tablets

Any kind of video file can contain pre-recorded subtitles as long as they are supported by the video format. Nothing could be easier with Rufus, a sophisticated subtitling software that enables the importing and exporting of a wide range of subtitle formats (.SRT, .SSA, .STL/EBU, .PAC, .FEP, etc.) and video formats (VOB, MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc.).

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