One of Intertitula’s strong points is electronic subtitling for films that are screened during International Film Festivals.


No matter how big or small the festival, we take on full responsibility for the subtitles, relieving the organisers of one of the major elements for the success of the event.

 What makes us the best:

translation, synchronisation and accurate revision of the subtitles
› automatic or manual subtitle screening: one of our team is always present and on hand for any eventuality
› cutting edge technology: powerful laptops and projectors, with sophisticated dedicated software
› extreme ease and speed of setting up and dismantling equipment
› subtitle panel: located beneath the large screen, this panel avoids problems with the positioning of subtitles, ensuring ease of reading and eliminating any problems of text superimposing the images
› maximum discretion in the film theatre: our team can work from anywhere in the theatre without disturbing the general public
› problem solving: our team members are able to deal with any issue, technical or otherwise, quickly and effectively

Technology coupled with the human element: an essential combination for the success of your festival.

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